Model School! – 6 Aug 2014

Model School!

Yesterday was my first day teaching EVER, and in FRENCH! I think I did pretty well. I have never taught a class before, then I had to teach completely in French. The teaching process and structure is very different as compared to the States. The structure of class is more lecture and less interaction, maybe because the teachers here are lazy (like everyone else here). Also the board is set up like this:

















New Concepts



New Words

I try to be well organized, as we are not allowed to (or at least it’s suggested that we not) bring the book to class. Many students do not have/can’t afford the book, so they don’t respect teachers who bring it into class. I copy the material and information into my notebook and then use that in class.

I have to be more careful with copying, because I’ve made a few mistakes with the accents, articles, and making them more American style word. But we also have to draw the picture so the children can try and comprehend the concept even though we do not have any material to fully explain it. So they can only base their education through poorly drawn pictures. They will probably never be able to see cells through a real microscope or high tech instruments. It’s truly sad. I just want to donate everything they need to the school and students, but I can’t because that costs a lot of money.

But my class went well. Today, the students were a little noisy. The other students said, “silence” and I agreed and said it louder. They were working with me! If I made a mistake, they would raise their hand, say “Madame” and correct it. My pronunciation is still awful, but even so my day went well. I can only go up from here, and I’m so excited to see where I am in another three months, and then again in a year. It all takes time; we are encouraged to make mistakes. This is where we can fall and they will help us. I can do this, one day at a time.

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