Tuesday, 17 June 2014

School was draining yesterday. It always is. The constant supply of carbs is making me fat and sick. I hate bread. It leaves me feeling lethargic, fat, and ugly.

But school is intense. Yesterday we had two language classes back to back. That always makes my head hurt lol. We also had a sexual assault class. I came home, grabbed my kindle, and went to the internet cafe. The connection was pretty good.

I’m kind of tired of not being able to speak to my host family. It’s getting frustrating and old. I forced a lot of food down my throat to make Laurentine happy, then pretended to study all night. I went to sleep around 9:20pm, however.

I woke up hot and super sweaty. The power was out, which meant that it was going to rain. It’s exciting because it gets cooler when it rains, unlike Florida. I love listening to the storms here. It’s more like a mini tropical storm.

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