Saturday, 21 June 2014

Finally – a half day, then we all are free!  I got to class and foundnd out there was homework due. That was embarrassing and an awful way to start the day. Sam will let me turn it in on Monday, however, which is nice.

During our mid class break Galen and I were talking. I was saying how this learning a new language was super frustrating. I started crying. Another embarrassing moment.

Then for our second half of the day, we met up with two other French classes to do a fishbowl activity. I was dreading it; I was awful, but I got it over with. I’m slowly starting to speak more French. I just have to remember that baby steps are essential and key right now. We have only been in this culture 10 days, and I have already learned a lot. Just doesn’t feel like it, and I want to be able to speak French now.

After class, Talia went with me to go get my skirt that was done. It was $2.000. Kind  of expensive for my allowance, but it is only $4 in American money, so well worth it.

I went home and helped Ava wash my clothes, then I helped do the dishes. I felt proud of myself. Laurentine wasn’t there. It’s not that I don’t like her; she’s just a mom figure and I can’t communicate with her. I prefer to be left alone.

But my mom called me at 1:30pm and we were able to talk for 30 minutes. It took forever to connect. I told her to keep trying because the service here is awful. I could hear her fine, but she said that it went fuzzy a few times. It was so good to talk to my mom. She choked up so I did too. I really wanted a hug from her. I told her how I really wanted a toilet. And how I would never take that for granted ever again. I also really want ice cubes.

I talked to my dad for the first time in three weeks. He sounds good. They are going to look at more houses. I forgot it was only 9:30am there. I had already been up, gone to class, ate lunch, did my laundry, and was about to go out, haha. Mason is hanging out with friends before he leaves. Zack is relaxing in between class sessions. He leaves to go back to UTI after July 4th. I’m scared for my mom when we are all out of the house. She is going to need to get friends and more hobbies. I miss them terribly, but I can’t believe that I’m in Africa right now.

Afterwards, Talia, Kelby, and I went to the local cafe. Hadden met up with us, then eventually our group expanded to 11 people: Wes, Chloe, Chris, Joe, Talia, Kelby, Hadden, Andrew, and me. We all stayed there until curfew at 7pm. It was so hot, just sitting in the shade we were all sweating like pigs. It was kind of disgusting. Hadden said that she just wanted to feel pretty again. I totally agreed with her. I put on make-up, but that’s stupid because within 15 minutes of biking to class I end up wiping it all off.

On the way home a storm was brewing. I love the storms here. They are mini tropical storms compared to Florida. I wish I could sit on the back patio and drink white wine. Le Monte, the bar we go to, has Sangria. Woohoooo.  It’s a little sweet, but I’ll take it over beer!

Upon getting home I took a bath. I was exhausted after sitting in the heat all day, having a couple glasses of sangria, and then biking all the way home. Zazie wanted to go dancing. But it poured, and there was no way we could have gone out. I went to bed at 8:30pm. Lol.

It’s hard to live here. It’s oppressively hot, you’re always sweating, there’s no indoor plumbing, and the list goes on. For instance, it always smells here because they don’t have a garbage system , so there is trash everywhere. Also some people either can’t afford it or don’t believe in the idea of wearing deodorant. The smell of body odor is everywhere. Fortunately, I was out like a light, not waking up until 2:18am. I thought that was pretty good! And now I’m tired again. Night!

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