My Little Neighbor Boy

Cross-eyed neighbor boy

This little cross-eyed boy is my neighbor. He loves coming over when he hears my voice on the other side of the courtyard wall. Like all the other kids here he loves to have his picture taken, and then see himself on the viewer on my camera.  🙂


Boys in a Field

Boys in a field, Burkina Faso

Farming is a major industry here – it’s the primary means of survival for most of the Burkinabe. They have no tractors or other farm implements. Instead they plow the fields with oxen, and the entire family is expected to pitch in and work the land. Here is a group of boys out cultivating a field.


Wes and Me

Wes and Abby

Wes is a PC volunteer who came over with me. I met him in Philly when I first landed there, but he’s actually from Tampa, also. Strange little world.   🙂