Woman with Child and Pot

Local lady with child on back

This is normal to see every day. Women carry their small children on their back so that they can continue working. There’s no EBT over here, needless to say, so everyone finds something to do, no matter how menial.


Anita and Me in the Courtyard

Abby and Anita

I trusted Olivia with my camera! Eeek! Anita wanted a picture with me. This was only 8:30 in the morning and I had already been up for two hours. We didn’t go to church because of the rain. There is no sleeping in here.


Bed at Convent

Bed at convent

This is my bed from the first week when we stayed at the convent before departing to our host families in Leo. There are five other beds; Zazie, Chloe, Bridgette, Sam, and I stayed in a room together. This is a really nice room because there are huge windows that allow wind to actually come in and try to cool off the room. Of course, there is basically no air conditioning anywhere in the country. The net above the bed is a mosquito net to prevent night time insect attacks. Bed nettings are the primary defense here against malaria and other vector-borne diseases.


My Sister Anita

Anita playing

And this is Anita, she is 11 years old and is the tomboy of the family. She is adorable however, and I love her. She makes for some good photos. Anita is posing in front of our courtyard doors. Behind her is Ava. Ava is my cousin and is 20years old. She just passed her exam that allows her to continue her education. It was a big deal with only a 45% pass rate.