Leaving Leo – Saturday, 16 August 2014

Well, yesterday was our last day at the model school in Leo. We had a big ceremony where we all honored our host families and gave them parting gifts for putting up with us. Lol. I gave my host mom a bottle of the perfume I wear, which she really, really likes. I gave Olivia and Anita drawing pencils and paper. They don’t have any of those sort of luxuries here. Ava, my cousin, really liked my iphone earbuds, so I gave those to her.

Sunday it’s back to headquarters at Ouaga. I’m still struggling with learning French – ugghh – so I’m going to have to stay in Ouaga an extra week to study with a tutor. The Peace Corps is really very good about giving the extra assistance needed to help volunteers like me who are struggling with one aspect or another of life in country. After my extra week in Ouaga it will be off to my final site – Meguet – where I’ll start teaching science and English to the local children.

Right now, however, I’m trying to upload all my pictures to be posted, because the next three months I don’t think that I will have internet at all. I’m not allowed to leave my site. The Peace Corps is super strict about this rule. This is due to them wanting us to fully integrate into our local community. However, this limits my communication. I will have great phone service, though, and I’m hoping to get an internet key for site. That will take awhile.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes 🙂 It’s definitely different here, but in a good way. It’s cloudy here, so not hot today woot woot As I’m sitting here typing at a restaurant, there is a chicken walking around and just chilling next to me. Yesterday at the school, we were in the middle of a lecture when a goat walked in to the room. Typical Burkina – never disappoints.   🙂

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