Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My mom called Sunday afternoon. I was looking forward all day to speaking with her. It had been a week since we last spoke. On top of that, Saturday (June 30) had been a bad day. It was also cloudy in the morning. I wanted her to call earlier, but she was at a beach condo. That made me jealous. Of course she wants to call during my bucket bath. Afternoons are harder for me, because I have to shower and eat dinner. They are very particular about that. Odd, given their sense of hygiene.

It took 15 minutes for her to finally get through and for our phones to connect. I was able to put clothes on, thankfully. The first thing she says is that it’s OK to have a bad day. I was like ‘ummmmmm, no.’ It sucks here because then you are all by yourself in a foreign place where you can’t communicate with your host family. Our conversation got cut off twice, and we were never able to finish.

We hardly talked and it made me feel worse. 30 minutes is not enough time. We used to talk all the time for hours. I have so much more that I wanted to say to her. She doesn’t have much new news on her end. I guess life is pretty much the same over there.

She said that the boys were good. Zack apparently gets mean when he drinks whiskey. Mom and Dad had to talk with him about that. Mason was scared of him. Zack has been partying a lot since he has been home. Dad is sick of it. But that won’t last much longer; he leaves after July 4th. Mom keeps crying because I left. She’s sad that the boys are leaving. I’m her crutch for Daddy. I feel badly for her, but time should help. New hobbies are good, too.

It was frustrating to talk because we both had so many questions and things that we wanted to say. There wasn’t enough time and out phones kept disconnecting. I asked her to send my ipod in her next package, but I couldn’t finish my sentence. I would like my dad to upload Sting, Dave Matthews and stuff like that so I can relax after a difficult day in class, since I do not have Pandora anymore. My package hasn’t arrived yet. I was hoping it would come soon. It is so big, 18 lbs. I need to write her another e-mail. She likes them, and I enjoy writing my thoughts and keeping a written record. I have been writing in class because I get bored and want to utilize my time better. Then I transfer my pages into my computer. I like that.   🙂

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