Friday, 13 June 2014

I got to talk to my mom last night. Unfortunately, it was only 10 minutes. We used to stay on the phone for hours on Sundays when I was in Tallahassee. I used to have to sit by my window because that was the only place I could get signal in my room.

Now,  we can only talk for 10- 30 minutes at a time, which is an awakening, to say the least. I asked her to send oatmeal, mascara, a soap box, and some other things. She said that some days Ava (my dog – a goofy, 3 yr old golden retriever) is sad and others she is happy. She doesn’t sleep in my room anymore 🙁 She sleeps in the hallways, and Mason’s room. Mason had his FSU orientation these past two days. I am so proud of him. I bet he’s super excited. Apparently the family is doing well.

I’ve only had one glass of wine –  provided by my new host mom – since being here. I got a little tipsy from it. Haha. Might have been from the heat or lack of food, among other things.

I miss my real mom so terribly. I don’t have a host dad, but this is ok because no one can replace my real dad. But I told mom about the poop hole, and how crazy that is. And about how the pigs and the donkeys are so annoying at 3am and how they just randomly roam around the place. I can hear them while I go to the bathroom, or while I’m outside for class.

The Poop Hole   🙂

There is no real bathroom here, only a form of outhouse we call the poop hole. So I don’t really know where to brush my teeth. I always get tooth paste on my shirt. I described it to my mom; she tried not to sound alarmed but failed miserably. Lol.

my room and how I get a fan at night. My room is about the size of my old bedroom closet in the house I grew up in. My dad started lecturing me about how his room growing up was blah, blah, blah. Haha. So I guess I can’t complain. It has a twin bed, with an actual frame, a small trunk, and my water filter. Everything stays in my suitcases to try and keep it clean. I miss hanging up my clothes.

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